Today’s Bits

I’m stoked to see this documentary about Hilma af Klint’s influences on the abstract art movement before it was even a thing.

Apparently celebs selling candles is a thing now. Naturally, Gwyneth Paltrow’s smells like her vagina.

This article about how brands and advertisers are going try to make us feel “normal” again once the world opens back up. A must read.

Scientists are trying to figure out why smokers are seemingly less susceptible to COVID-19 related hospital stays.

5 Axed Ideas From the Original Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Script

When Ed found his roommate’s diaries, he started publishing the entries online. Whether it’s real or not seems to be open for the reader to decide. My Housemate’s Diary is cynical, hilarious, and somehow heartwarming at times, proving that Gareth is the ultimate antihero.

Just in case you were feeling good about yourself, here’s a website that will tell you what other people has accomplished at your age.

Write yourself an email, send it to your future self on any date.

Photo by Jim Tegman on Unsplash

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